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skatepunkicerinktina'scar [May. 5th, 2006|06:19 pm]
[mood |collected, calm, and the usual]
[music |Anarchy was a fad-The Rehabs]

So tina was taking me to skating today, and her and ciara and i were jamming to some ska. When the cd was over, tina told me to find another CD. I looked through her CD case and the first one i see is the Rehabs Demo cd. I hadn't heard the rehabs in such a looooong time. As we were listening through good old songs like Anarchy was a Fad, and Night of the Living Dead, i realized how much i miss just going to shows and hearing bands like that. Old school skate punk is what i'd call it. The geeks as well, while i didn't hear them today, i am STILL kicking myself in the balls for not going to their final show. What a great band they were. I don't know how long i'm going to complain about the local scene. I guess until it gets back to the way it was. It used to be so fun, now it's just about looking cool.

Today was hella

Dear rose
i need to hug you more often.
the end.

I skated today while tina took pichuhs. I kinda had a bad skating day, goofed up a lot. I need to work on that. I need to work on being a good boyfriend also. A few more cheek kisses maybe? i feel as if i'm lacking in the "way cool boyfriend" department... Maybe it's just me

Kipp informed me early 2 weeks ago that Feral has a show on 6/6/06 with Three Inches of Blood. It's at the temple theatre in tacoma and you all should most definitely go
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wonderful [Apr. 29th, 2006|11:35 pm]
[Current Location |nowhere]
[mood |swings?]
[music |put on your tight pants BABAAY-soda pop kids]

Yesterday was quite amazing. Band practice kicked my ass, cuz we basically played all our songs as a set, nonstop. Don't get me wrong, it was awesome, but my fingers/wrists were tired. After band practice I hit up the Colin Smith's house for a very very intense Halo tournament, in which most of our heads were nearly ripped off (literally) every time Arthur Murray died. That was fun, and also lasted about 2 hours. Then we walked down to Madi Something's house for some cereal, and evan bird stole her pants. Good good times. Then we headed to the annie wright prom, having not dressed for a prom, and having never acquired dates, we just hung out there for a while. Then my mom came, 2 HOURS EARLY. That was a bit lame but whatever works.

Today should be pretty killer, seeing as how evan bird, emile panerio, and jon swallow are coming to jam. We have officially been dubbed the punk rock band which will replace feral when kipp and andy and them are gone. I believe that phrase was coined by evan. We have so much potential, i hope this practice goes well, because if so, i will be happy...

<3 <3 <3
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It's not supposed to be a fight... [Apr. 25th, 2006|06:37 pm]
[Current Location |Nowhere FAST]
[mood |gaaaaaaaaah]
[music |dead leaves and the dirty ground-white stripes]

kipp gallagher, what a cool guy, haha. I tell him that every day.

Today was one of those days where you wake up and you know it's gonna be a baddddd day. I woke up5 minutes before i needed to leave. With no time to shower/shave, i slipped on some pants and a shirt and some shoes and headed out. I just didn't have a good day, until i got to talk to geoff, what an amazingly talented dude he is. We talked about the guitar, and a little of our zombie movie. CHYES. And then one of my female friends came up to me and was like, "so you totally like .... (i forgot the name)." And i just stared at her and said, "i don't know a single person by that name...." it's a shame that people make up things like that.

today i got word of the fight between david leblanc and that other kid. Let me tell you, i hate fighting so much. I hate violence, fighting, everything like that. Gah. I don't mind movies because i can accept that they're fake. But when someone actually gets their ass kicked, it's UNCOOL. I don't know, maybe it's just me, and maybe i don't know all the facts, but just beating someone up does NOT sound like a fun thing to do. Maybe it's uncool to NOT be violent. I guess i lose the cool points then, cuz i hate fighting.

now that i've pounded that subject into the ground, this time, i ACTUALLY get my permit tomorrow. Unlike last time, when i was just bragging, and the lady was a weiner who didn't let me get it. dayummm son...

and for everyone, i'm REALLY trying not to be an ass, but sometimes, i am... gah
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what can you do? [Apr. 23rd, 2006|10:40 am]
[mood |estoy despierta]
[music |Stressed Out-A Tribe Called Quest]

THursday i went to get my driver's permit, and i arrived at 4:25. We were called up at 4:28, so i asked to take the test for a permit. The lady said, "well it's 4:31 so you can't take the test, we need to give you a half-hour to take it and we're not allowed to stay 1 minute past closing time." And so i thought to myself, "well lady, you're a big effing weenie and your union quite possibly can go screw yourself, mwahahaha". And thinking that made me feel better cuz i didn't wanna say anything. SO we get home and my dad calls them and i'm like, "dad it's fine i can get it later." but no... He yells at them for nearly a half-hour and i was quite thoroughly embarassed.

Saturday, i went to the parade for a while, and then went to meet some friends at the fair. I stood by the gold gate for an hour. And BOY, was that not the most exciting hour of my life? no. I was bored, but i got some excercise from constantly walking back and forth between the blue/gold gates. Meh, it was better when we got in though, we just walked around and talked, and ate. ANd i stuck some mad lemonade bottles down my pants, and such. and we found penis hats, which wouldn't really fit on any human sized penis, they were hecksa small.

last night i rented the original dawn of the dead, and it didn't treat me very nicely. It was a bit corny and the zombies were blue. But it's george a romero, who we all know gets better with age. Next weekend i think i'm gonna go with Kipp's suggestion of "Deadalive". Maybe Peter Jackson will treat me a little better than George A. Romero did, haha.

OH, and has anyone seen, "Dead Men Walking" (not dead MAN walking)?? please tell me if it is worth the rental price.

and please, go rent capote, and watch it.
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Tuesday is the day [Apr. 16th, 2006|10:20 am]
[mood |want to shoot some zombies]
[music |M+M's-blink 182]

Tuesday will tell the future of my being involved in anything. Tuesday will tell me if my parents need to be inconvenienced to take me to a show ever again. Tuesday will tell me if i'll ever ask for a ride to somewhere. Tuesday i get my driver's permit. And it tells me if my constant study of the Washington State Licensing Guide has paid off. I expect that my padre will probably allow me to drive home after receiving this awesome display of my turning 15 and a half (and two days). I'm excited to start driver's education in the summer, because the lovely amigo of mine, kirstin porras, will be in my class, which is fixing to be a fun time.

THe talent show auditions are coming up, and the 2 bands which i am supposed to be playing with on the bass and the drums, have seriously failed to get their acts together. One, with ray salvador, is going neatly, but we haven't practiced, gah. The other, supposedly with Scott Miller and Reese Webber, hasn't even talked about a practice.... Maybe this isn't my year..

I keep posting bulletins on the myspace about how i miss the local scene, and i have gotten no response. Maybe noone responds because they are tired of listening to me complain about how the scene's died out. It's just so hard to get over, hard to get over that it's more difficult to have a good time on a saturday night...

maybe it's just me
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weeee [Apr. 15th, 2006|10:27 am]
[mood |kickin' it]
[music |november has come-gorillaz]

the last week has been filled with bargains. I made ten bucks for my old double bass pedal which was probably only worth 2 dollars. On wednesday night and thursday was a jazz band trip, which i was FREAKED out about. I was scared because i didn't have one of our songs down on bass quite yet, but i nailed it, uh, kind of. We got first in our division, which was killer. AFter the competition, we went to lloyd center and i payed liz to buy me video games because she can legally buy them, haha. So now i have 2 new games which is pretty rad. I have resident evil zero, which is hella killer. and i have manhunt, which is not so great, but it's interesting.

in the middle of the night on wednesday, emile got up with his trumpet, went out on the roof, and started playing the boy scout wakeup song.... i have never laughed so hard...

band trips will own all school trips TILL THE END
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jams, techno, annie wright, and dramafest [Mar. 30th, 2006|07:36 pm]
[Current Location |a positive place]
[music |a catchy techno tune i heard in comp. lit.]

Today, a great day. First off, i learned after first period that today was skirt day, so i took off my pants and donned a (not-so)ravishing black and white skirt. I got made fun of by some insensitive jocks and mentioned to them that i am very comfortable with my sexuality (yet somehow, not with my penis). I didn't say the penis part though, just thought about it for a lOOOOONG time. At lunch, some people stuffed some nasty shit into my friend's locker, and i sadly missed seeing her open it and possibly screaming.

After school i checked the cast listing for dramafest and i had made it into the ninja play as the character i wanted. It will be hillarious. Some good friends of mine also made it, katie peters, garth purkett, kipp gallagher, mike gosselin (i think). It will be AMAZING.

so after school i went to annie wright and loaded my drumset into the gym. After evan bird showed up and greeted me with a loud exchanged yelling of the word, "COCK!" we started jamming. WE played two songs until this trainer dude made us leave which was lame. i love how the annie wright teachers don't care when we yell "cock"
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ventage, yeah [Mar. 28th, 2006|07:51 pm]
[mood |bad as a weiner]
[music |stand inside your love-smashing pumpkins]

I vented today, and i feel like an asshole to a friend of mine. That friend is a girl, and she is cool, and stupid people talk about stupid things. So, yeah, i've been hungry all day, and i'm tired, and i would love to have it be thursday night right now, or friday, or saturday, just any day.

i maybe need to vent, but i haven't met anyone who i can just tell anything to, i need more friends like that

love you!!

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self-sufficiency [Mar. 26th, 2006|05:06 pm]
[mood |dead!!!]
[music |Dare-Gorillaz]

after last night i feel really self sufficient. I was at all saints church and i had to do things for myself. Feed myself, buy myself things, walk places to get stuff, and help people out. It feels damn good to feel like you can live your own life and do things for yourself. just a thought

have a nice day, do not come to auburn's performing arts center tonight, you will be disappointed by my lack of percussive skills.
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fulfilling experiences [Mar. 25th, 2006|09:05 am]
[mood |goodgood]
[music |Roots Radicals-Rancid]

last night was such a fulfilling experience. I went to all saints' production of "the music of godspell". The play was great and all, don't get me wrong, but i felt really fulfilled after. I think it was because i got to meet and see so many people and talk to them and just be nice to people, without my parents telling me to stay on the premises. It was so fun, i helped out without anyone needing me to, i congratulated the cast members, who did a wonderful job. I got to talk to the director, and even more, i guess life REALLY IS more fulfilling when you're nice to people.

homework time
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