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For all seniors, those leaving, and those staying... - arghitbepaul [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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For all seniors, those leaving, and those staying... [May. 27th, 2006|07:42 am]
[mood |Extremely Sad]
[music |Such Great Heights-Postal Service]

I doubt that many of you believe me when i say to you that i will miss you more than i've ever missed anyone else in my life. I became very (unusually) emotional when i realized that some of you i may never see again, so i wrote a little tribute to you.

H-Here goes...

When you read the profile of any ten people on AOL Instant Messenger or Myspace, youre guaranteed to see the phrase, My friends are my life, somewhere in the profile. I read this phrase a good number of times daily, and each day that I read it I would think to myself, Thats not possible, they must have something more important in their lives. But now I know that friends are life, and I learned it the hard way. I learned it after my friends (or more importantly, role models) left me to fend for myself in the Bellarmine community.

What I mean to say is that I have never had a bond with anyone as great as the bond which has developed this year between Bellarmines graduating seniors and me. I never thought these people, who seemed so ordinary, could have such an extraordinary effect on my life. I have experienced Bellarmine seniors through good times and bad, better times, and worse times, all in this one year, and I can honestly say that you will not find a better group of people anywhere.

I have spent a four hour night sleeping next to Hannah Tripp and Jake McDonough. I have spent countless days after school rehearsing plays with the likes of Elizabeth Evans, Erin Daniels, Scott Miller, Sarah Parent, Erikka Fiske, Sarah Hartburg-Petrich, and Zowie Aleshire. Ive spent long days chasing down Andy Osborn about selling me drum equipment. Ive taken the time to get to know a kid named Mike Gosselin after meeting him at Club Impact. Ive asked the likes of Tina Chaloner and Sierra Bucher for a transport when my usuals just wouldnt get there in time. Ive attended many-a-band trip with the likes of Jordan Clark, Eva Breitenbach, Peter Hamrick, Ernest Hartwell, Dan Rousseau, (and more whom I probably forgot). Ive had many the intellectual (and not-so-intellectual) conversation with Quinn Lewington and Aarin Murray. Ive spent hours making a movie with Laura Dynan and Colby Moore. And only God knows how many others of you Ive encountered and challenged myself to know better.

The point of this story is: I will miss you all immensely, even those of you whom I do not know. I (literally) almost cried when I was on my way to school this last Friday and realized that none of you would be there. I am really, deeply sorrowed to see you all go. I will miss you and keep you all in my hearts, and do my best to honor your memory. I only hope that your lives affected others as much as they affected me. I can only hope we stay in touch until we are able to hang out with each other again.

With regards,

Paul Morgan