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What a crazy week, eh? Monday and tuesday were pretty uneventful, as… - arghitbepaul [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 20th, 2006|09:32 am]
[mood |wink....wink? <that mood]
[music |Razz-Kings of Leon]

What a crazy week, eh? Monday and tuesday were pretty uneventful, as my after-school activity of choice was furthering my sewing abilities. Wednesday was C to the razy. At the farewell to seniors concert, i had to play this insane jazz band song on bass guitar. It was a Buddy Rich song, so it was insane. I was sweating so bad after that song, I can only hope i feel good after my band's shows. Oh, did i not say that? My band has two shows pending in the month of June. They'll be on Fridays or Saturdays, so i'll be inviting you all most definitely.

THursday was kind of lame. i had a dermatology appointment for my hands and feet, and now i have to go to a hand/foot tanning bed twice a week to heal them up. That's not odd or anything (not the sarcasm which couldn't be used on the internet).

Friday was cool, i caught up with some homies big time. I saw Joel and that was cool. He seems to be doing well, although he seems a little shy. I also saw Jesse, yeah you all saints kids remember him. He is his same old self, looks the same, lies to us a lot. He asked me how my bands were doing and i said fine. I told him we were gonna have shows in june, at impact, and he told me that his band had one there on wednesday night. He followed that by saying that they didn't have a name yet. And impact doesn't have shows on wednesdays, nor do they showcase nameless bands. Whatever though, if that's how he gets by, lying, then i guess that's him.

today hopefully i'll be recording (seperately, gaaaah) all the tracks to my band's songs. I've been hoping people in the band could come do it with me, but they're not available for a while... that's alright