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These past couple weeks have been pretty rad. I nearly cried at… - arghitbepaul [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 11th, 2006|08:08 am]
[mood |completely drained]
[music |The Boy's Bad News-Eagles of Death Metal]

These past couple weeks have been pretty rad. I nearly cried at graduation, and i didn't get to hang out with as many seniors there as i thought i would. I got to hang out with the famous Brian Anderson, as we looked for Tina to give her purse back. I saw kipp there and gave him the most rad hug ever conceived by humans.

I got to go to the 06/06/06 show, which was very in-between. I got a ride from Kipp/the entire Feral lineup. So i got there around 4, and had to wait through 2 soundchecks and an hour and a half at the door before i could go in. I saw some high-grade amigos there such as evan bird, matt gosselin, miles demille, and nate. That was shweet.

so i walk in. Feral had already started playing, and they got done with their set approx. 10 minutes after i got in. That sucked. Cuz i like feral, and i paid $25 in advance to get their t-shirt and get rushed to the front. The next band was Sarah Connor. They were extremely terrible, off key, no rhythm (their drummer sucked), and a terrible rockabilly song. I think they were skinheads the way the bassist did a little "heil hitler" thing at the end. After them was I Defy. I defy was mediocre, but not bad either, some old guys playing metal/punk mix. It was fun. Then came Durango 95 which was completely energetic and fun to listen to. I think their singer was on some weird drug though, haha. Afer them-angelsdevilsghosts. They were quite honestly the worst band EVER. everyone just did shitty solos the whole time and sometimes not even in the same key. I hated them. Next was 3 inches of blood. They were amazing. Gah, i haven't seen that good of a band live in quite a while. So all in all, there were slightly more high points than low points to that show.

This week has been easy, we haven't had any of mr. larson's stupid homework. Thank god i'm almost done with geometry. all my classes have just been studying for finals.

yesterday i learned that WATER AND KNIFE's show might be cancelled, because thrill zone has been cancelling a lot of shows lately? or something like that... i don't know

FINAL POINT (there is no moral to this journal): I have never called a local band AMAZING until i saw transunion last night. I stopped by the hall to hang out with/see jack hamrick since his band (transunion) was playing there, and i stayed to watch them and they were AMAZING....

[User Picture]From: sally_me
2006-06-11 05:41 pm (UTC)
Trans Union. Is amazing.

Like no other. Ah.

By the way, Kate & I thank you again for helping us with Sir Waters.
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[User Picture]From: arghitbepaul
2006-06-11 06:01 pm (UTC)
no problem
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