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Feel the wrath of the Super Rad [May. 13th, 2006|07:27 pm]
[mood |super rad! super relaxed]
[music |Those anarcho punks are mysterious-Against Me]

AQUABATS!!! SO i spent some quality time with Kevin G and Alex J at the Streetlight/Aquabats show. We got their just as streetlight was about to start, and boy were they good. For streetlight, the pit was so insane that i just hung out on the balcony the whole time. My arms and legs were ACHING like craaaazy after streetlight's set was done.

So while i waited for the aquabats to come on (and while i frantically joined the others in chanting their name), i went up onto the balcony to look for Tina, Hannah, and Sierra. I never found them. Shame... But then again, the aquabats didn't play the song that tina and i were gonna dance to. They played some good old ones, and some good new ones.

A nice group of kids with mohawks and i shared a very LARGE skanking circle for most of the aquabats' leg, which was AMAZING.. I haven't skanked in such a long time. It was wonderful.


The show last night is why i miss the local scene so much. Everybody jumping around and just having a good time no matter how they were dressed. No one was doing drugs or stealing beer from the bars. it was great. We NEVER used to drink at shows. And last night, nobody drank, which was AMAZING. I just remember being crammed in the middle of a HUGE pit at club impact, and wanting no more than to just stay there and push my friends around, and bounce around everywhere. That's how it was last night. I was singing along with the songs and jumping and yelling "AQUABATS" at the top of my lungs. Everything was amazing... One day, i'll get all my friends to go to a GREAT show like that. Hopefully warped will be that way this summer, if i get to go....